Table of Contents

On this page I am keeping an informal list of posts that I have made. I will only update this periodically and generally link materials that are not near the top of the blog so they can be more easily accessed. I probably won’t link to some of the random stuff that I develop.

A Few Thoughts

Know Your Ward

#KnowYourWard Summary

Windsor Gone

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

#Windsor Work

Windsor 2035

Part 1: A Series

Part 2: City and Region

Part 3: People Ratios

Part 4: Our Economy

Part 5: Transportation

Part 6: Policy Recommendations

Youth Priorities in Windsor 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2016 Census

It Christmas… in February

It Christmas… in May

Windsor Problems

AMA on Data and Policy

Ten Things to Watch in 2020 Redux

Ten Things to Watch in 2020

Referred to Budget

“Ring”ing in Windsor

School Board Stuff: Educational Development Charges

2019 City of Windsor Budget Hot-Take Part 2: Capital

2019 City of Windsor Budget Hot Take

Out of the Woodlot

Priorities, Opportunity Cost and Courage

On Tech Wages, YQG Perception and Leadership

University Ave. Light Rail?

Housing Stock – Lets Get Depressing 

So I took my Dog for Walk

Transparency At City Hall?

Opportunity Cost of City Hall

Corporate Welfare and Windsor

Examining Development Charges in Windsor ON 

Change of Being a Social Scientist in Windsor Ontario

Community Hubs in Windsor – Consolidation vs  Diversification

Development Charges in Windsor

Windsor 11.1% Unemployment… A Grim Hint of the Future?

Parking; Hair Cuts; Not-for-profits; and Water World – Updated

Downtown Windsor Transportation Plan

Questions and Comments About the #Megahospital 

Re-branding #YQG

@CouncillorHolt and Parking; @irek_k proposed 20 year vision; and an EcDev Conspiracy

How an Astronaut Made it More Expensive to Fly from #YQG

Why #YQG Should Ignore Stats Canada Job Numbers and Be Very Afraid

A response to @WindsorCAMPP #YQG #megahospital

What’s Wrong With These Graphs?

Risk Shift Blog Posts 

I used to write for a blog called the Risky Shift about international relations and politics. After the blog closed down I reposted those articles here.

Argentina’s Bondage

Russia’s Green Light

Could the Syrian Civil War Redraw the Map of the Middle East? – Updated

Expanding the Canadian Dollar: Unique Opportunity or Loonie Idea? – Updated

Canada and the Arctic Council — Updated sort of…

Canada’s Shame — Updated

The Financial Crisis & Canada’s Fiscal Cliff — Updated

The End of American Exceptionism — Updated

European Separatism: Three Weddings and Funeral — Updated

Power of the Pope — Updated

Other Posts

A Sidebar: Mental Health

On Tech Wages, YQG Perception and Leadership

Comments on Mike Moffat’s SW Ontario Blog

My Southwestern Ontario

So Maybe I was Grumpy

What if Detroit Hosted the UN? 

Turks and Caicos and Canada- A Match Made in Heaven? 

Fate of Provinces: An Cursory Application of Whitney’s Work

300 Channels that I can Pick and Still Nothing On 

What is the Canadian Military? Is it Time for a Rethink?

Book Reviews

Book Review – The Boundry Bargin by Zac Spicer 

Book Review: Major League Winners – Sports for Economic Development

Legacy of Lines on a Map – A Book Review

Book Review: The Untold History of the United States

Book Review: The Tragedy of American Compassion

Book Review – Fate of States: The New Geography of American Prosperity

Book Review – Governance and Finance in Metropolitian Areas in Federal Systems

Book Review – The Morning After 

My Thesis

Examination of Territorial Issues in Pre-World War One in Europe 

Alliances in Europe Prior to World War One

Forms of Government and Militarization


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