Table of Contents

On this page I am keeping an informal list of posts that I have made. I will only update this periodically and generally link materials that are not near the top of the blog so they can be more easily accessed. I probably won’t link to some of the random stuff that I develop.

A Few Thoughts – in March of 2020 as COVID lockdown began, I started making a weekly post. You can find all of those posts at the link below.

A Few Thoughts

Know Your Ward

#KnowYourWard Summary

Windsor Gone

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

#Windsor Work

Windsor 2035

Part 1: A Series

Part 2: City and Region

Part 3: People Ratios

Part 4: Our Economy

Part 5: Transportation

Part 6: Policy Recommendations

Youth Priorities in Windsor 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2016 Census

It Christmas… in February

It Christmas… in May

Windsor Problems

Mid/Late Week Thoughts: Golfing

AMA on Data and Policy

Ten Things to Watch in 2020 Redux

Pop, Pop!

City Budget and Climate Change

Windsor Budget 2020- Part 3: Capital Budget

Windsor Budget 2020: Part 2 – Fees and ABCs

Windsor Budget 2020 – Part 1: Operations Recommended and Not…

Referred to Budget

Ten Things to Watch in 2020

“Ring”ing in Windsor

School Board Stuff: Educational Development Charges

2019 City of Windsor Budget Hot-Take Part 2: Capital

2019 City of Windsor Budget Hot Take

Out of the Woodlot

Priorities, Opportunity Cost and Courage

On Tech Wages, YQG Perception and Leadership

University Ave. Light Rail?

Housing Stock – Lets Get Depressing 

So I took my Dog for Walk

Transparency At City Hall?

Opportunity Cost of City Hall

Corporate Welfare and Windsor

Examining Development Charges in Windsor ON 

Change of Being a Social Scientist in Windsor Ontario

Community Hubs in Windsor – Consolidation vs  Diversification

Development Charges in Windsor

Windsor 11.1% Unemployment… A Grim Hint of the Future?

Parking; Hair Cuts; Not-for-profits; and Water World – Updated

Downtown Windsor Transportation Plan

Questions and Comments About the #Megahospital 

Re-branding #YQG

@CouncillorHolt and Parking; @irek_k proposed 20 year vision; and an EcDev Conspiracy

How an Astronaut Made it More Expensive to Fly from #YQG

Why #YQG Should Ignore Stats Canada Job Numbers and Be Very Afraid

A response to @WindsorCAMPP #YQG #megahospital

What’s Wrong With These Graphs?

Risk Shift Blog Posts 

I used to write for a blog called the Risky Shift about international relations and politics. After the blog closed down I reposted those articles here.

Argentina’s Bondage

Russia’s Green Light

Could the Syrian Civil War Redraw the Map of the Middle East? – Updated

Expanding the Canadian Dollar: Unique Opportunity or Loonie Idea? – Updated

Canada and the Arctic Council — Updated sort of…

Canada’s Shame — Updated

The Financial Crisis & Canada’s Fiscal Cliff — Updated

The End of American Exceptionism — Updated

European Separatism: Three Weddings and Funeral — Updated

Power of the Pope — Updated

Other Posts

A Sidebar: Mental Health

On Tech Wages, YQG Perception and Leadership

Comments on Mike Moffat’s SW Ontario Blog

My Southwestern Ontario

So Maybe I was Grumpy

What if Detroit Hosted the UN? 

Turks and Caicos and Canada- A Match Made in Heaven? 

Fate of Provinces: An Cursory Application of Whitney’s Work

300 Channels that I can Pick and Still Nothing On 

What is the Canadian Military? Is it Time for a Rethink?

Book Reviews

Book Review – The Boundry Bargin by Zac Spicer 

Book Review: Major League Winners – Sports for Economic Development

Legacy of Lines on a Map – A Book Review

Book Review: The Untold History of the United States

Book Review: The Tragedy of American Compassion

Book Review – Fate of States: The New Geography of American Prosperity

Book Review – Governance and Finance in Metropolitian Areas in Federal Systems

Book Review – The Morning After 

My Thesis

Examination of Territorial Issues in Pre-World War One in Europe 

Alliances in Europe Prior to World War One

Forms of Government and Militarization


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