My Publications

This page lists publications that I have been apart of either as an author, co-author or contributor. I have included links to online versions where available.

Academic Research

Scott E. Kalafatis, Maureen Campbell, Frazier Fathers, Katrina L. Laurent, Kathryn B. Friedman, Gail Krantzberg, Don Scavia, Irena F. Creed. (2015) Out of Control: How we Failed to Adapt and Suffered the Consequences. . Journal of Great Lakes Research.

United Way Research

Frazier Fathers with Jessica Fazio, Alicea Fleming, Katie Pfaff, David Regan, Uma Venkataramaiah. (July 2019) ProsperUs: Coming Together Report

Frazier Fathers (2019). Alleyway Revitalization As a Key to Community Development in the City of Windsor. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County

Frazier Fathers (2016). Taking Back Our Neighbourhoods: Mapping the Need for Neighbourhood Revitalization. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County.

Frazier Fathers (2015). Overcoming the Odds: Creating Possibility for Youth in Windsor-Essex County. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County.

Frazier Fathers with Tonya Lyver, Allison Prieur and Colleen Mitchell (2015) The 2015 Community Well-Being Report. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County.

Public Non-Profit Research

Frazier Fathers & Sarah Morris with Brady Holek and Anam Khan. (June 2021) Building Community Wealth: What is Possible in Rural, Small and Mid-Sized Communities. United Way/Centraide Windsor Essex County and Windsor-Essex Community Benefits Coalition

Frazier Fathers, Lauren Nantau and Robert Moore. December 2017. Windsor-Essex Community Benefit Coalition – Formal Submission Final

Frazier Fathers. (2014) A Festive Region; A Festive Bounty. Canada South Festival Network. – Draft version of document hosted here until CSFN hosts the final version on their website.

Think-Tank Research

Bacchus Barua and Frazier Fathers. (2014) Waiting Your Turn 2014.  The Fraser Institute

Taylor Jackson, Gerry Angevine, Frazier Fathers and Ken Green. (2014) Fraser Institute Global Petroleum Survey 2014. The Fraser Institute

Frazier Fathers. Residential Development Charges Lead to Hidden Tax for Citizens. (2014) The Canadian Student Review. The Fraser Institute.

Marc Joffe, Sean Spear and Frazier Fathers. (2014) Comparing the Indebtedness of Quebec and Its Neighbours.  The Fraser Institute.

Jason Clemens, Milagros Palacois, Jane Loyer and Frazier Fathers. (2013) Measuring Choice and Competition in Canadian Education.  The Fraser Institute.

David Mackinnon, Jane Loyer, Frazier Fathers and Milagros Palacois. (2013) Unseen Equalization: Provincial Subsidies in Federal Transfers. The Fraser Institute.

Frazier Fathers. (2013) Canadian Military Spending: The Great Debate. The Canadian Student Review. The Fraser Institute.

Lance Izumi, Frazier Fathers and Jason Clemens.  (2013)Technology in Education: A Primer. The Fraser Institute

Newspaper Articles

Frazier Fathers. (2015) Water World is a Neighbourhood Hub and Vital Anchor. January 19, . Appeared in the Windsor Star

Jason Clemens and Frazier Fathers. Technology Poised to Revolutionize Education. August 2013. Appeared in the Kelowna Daily Courier, Vernon Daily Courier, Penticton Herald, Vancouver Sun and Huffington Post Canada

Should you wish to contact me about this research or other research, I can be reached at frazier.fathers [at] gmail [dot] com

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