Know Your Ward: 2022

The following is Census data about the City Wards of Windsor. This data is estimated based on the Census DA that make up the being assigned to the specific wards. This assignment is not perfect in that some DAs straddle ward boundaries by a few blocks. I try to even out these straddling points as best I can. If you want to see where things were in 2016 you can find it at my old Know Your Ward post.

Note: Census data is still to be release in mid-September and October with housing, ethnographic, employment and mobility data. I don’t know how quickly those updates will occur but I will do my best as the data becomes available.

I am happy to answer any question on this data and what it means but if I get one from a candidate for council I will post the question and response in this post.


  • Tweaked language on Female+ led lone parent family number to make it more clear.
  • October 2 update added language, indigenous and housing data

Know Your Ward



Language and Indigenous Populations

Note there are 383 DA in the City of Windsor – Arabic is the leading second language in 242 of them.


  • Core Housing need is made up of three elements:
    • Spending more than 30% of income on shelter costs.
    • Housing is requiring major repairs.
    • There are more people living in the house than the national occupancy standards.

Household maintainer status refers to whether or not a person residing in the household is responsible for paying the rent, or the mortgage, or the taxes, or the electricity or other services or utilities. Where a number of people may contribute to the payments, more than one person in the household may be identified as a household maintainer.

2 thoughts on “Know Your Ward: 2022

  1. The % female-led households is staggering, especially when you consider the make-up of the current council. I would love to see a more balanced ratio after October 24th but I’m not holding my breath.

    That said, the county is likely to see a jump in female leadership, which I’m hoping will lead to a different kind of leadership.

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