A Few Thoughts on Week 16

I was off this week and doing lots of house work which gave me time to read and think: With outrage in our streets and social media channels you could forget that genocide by another name is quietly occurring in ChinaBelow is a a super interesting chart from John Haldeman which indexed municipal expenditures to … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 16

10 Things to Watch in 2020 Redux

So the year is half done. I was looking back at a post from December last year my 10 Things to Watch in 2020..... Wow... Did I miss a few things. So I figured it would be fun to do a bit of a Redux. I will touch on my original 10 Things to Watch … Continue reading 10 Things to Watch in 2020 Redux

Windsor Research Project: Indigenous Populations

This piece is a continuation of two previous posts on Racial Data and Inequity. If you haven't read those pieces, I would encourage you to do so as I refer back to them at several points in this piece. Those pieces were uncomfortable for me to write (as a white male) and this one probably … Continue reading Windsor Research Project: Indigenous Populations

A Few Thoughts on Week 15

Quietly during COVID-19 the City of Toronto issued one of Canada's first municipal Social Impact Bond. Looking for $100M for social and affordable housing; affordable basic infrastructure (access to clean drinking water, sewage and sanitation systems and transit); access to essential services (long-term care, senior services and emergency shelters) and socioeconomic advancement and empowerment (public … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 15

A Few Thoughts on Week 14

Happy Fathers Day to Dads out there. I guess I could have bought my dad a robot dog although he has to promise to not make it do evil things. Also announced this week was the Province's P3 Infrastructure processes update for the Spring of 2020. The new items on the list were the Ontario … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 14

Windsor Research Project: Racial Inequality

Welcome to the second post in the Windsor Research Project on Racial Inequality in Windsor-Essex County. You can review the general data on racialized populations in Part 1. This post digs in a bit, and uses Statistic Canada data to draw some general correlations on our region. The points outlined below are general in nature, … Continue reading Windsor Research Project: Racial Inequality

Windsor Research Project: Racial Data

This is a post (what is now 2 posts) has been half written the last couple of months because it is scary. As a white male with lots of privilege, these are the hard conversations. The following piece begins by digging into the basic data, while the second part digs in on some of the … Continue reading Windsor Research Project: Racial Data

My Thoughts on Week 13

I have compiled all of my previous "Thoughts" posts onto a single page for people to go back and review if they wish. A link is also found on the Table of Contents page https://twitter.com/nhotte/status/1269783879763681280?s=20 Can't have nice things For those wondering Ngaio Hotte is a PhD in Economics at UBC and Statistics Canad ahas … Continue reading My Thoughts on Week 13

A Few Thoughts on Week 12

The blog post which I may piss everyone off... This has been pretty widely shared by now but it made me laugh in April and part 2 made me laugh in June.A few people asked me this week why I didn't participant on #blackouttuesday. I boiled it down to three reasons: First, the platforms that … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 12

A Few Thoughts On Week 11

What a fucking week.... First and foremost, America is a failed state. If you want to understand police brutality in the US you should follow a data scientist by the name of Samuel Sinyangwe. His work at Police Score Card .org around the use of deadly force, civilian complaints etc. which is used to score … Continue reading A Few Thoughts On Week 11