2021 Census – Language, Indigenous Population and Housing

A quiet August release was data on linguistic diversity. This data set is actually somewhat difficult to work with as there are 319 different language options listed as well as a number of sub-dialects within the census data. It is no surprise that is dominant but certainly understanding where those who don't speak a first … Continue reading 2021 Census – Language, Indigenous Population and Housing

Know Your Ward: 2022

The following is Census data about the City Wards of Windsor. This data is estimated based on the Census DA that make up the being assigned to the specific wards. This assignment is not perfect in that some DAs straddle ward boundaries by a few blocks. I try to even out these straddling points as … Continue reading Know Your Ward: 2022

2021 Census – Military, Families and Income

Census day is here again, and if you saw on my twitter a few things jumped out at me. Let's dig in a bit. Military Service and Veterans Data This is the first time Statistics Canada asked questions military service. At this point the data isn't available at a local level but capturing at regional/Provincial … Continue reading 2021 Census – Military, Families and Income

2021 Census Demographics, Housing Type and Agriculture

At the end of April the latest release of the 2021 Census data occurred. I have been pretty busy so this is a little delayed in being posted - The Windsor Star and other media outlets provided their cursory coverage of the release but there are some items that need unpacking. Where are the kids? … Continue reading 2021 Census Demographics, Housing Type and Agriculture

A Few Thoughts on a Battery Plant

TLDR: The the announcement was a big deal, but there are many unanswered questions and next steps that have to be achieved in order to reach the true potential of the "transformative investment" that was promised by many. This week was a potentially transformative week for Windsor-Essex. We are still years away from the plant … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on a Battery Plant

2021 Census of Population

It nerd Xmas! This is the first of seven census releases this year. Although foundational the population and dwelling counts leave us wanting more, to really understand what is happening. The Windsor Star covered the release and I commented if you are interested. That being said we can guess at what is happening but we … Continue reading 2021 Census of Population

A Few Things to Watch in 2022

The following are issues, stories and priorities that I am keeping my eye in 2022. If you want you may want to refer to my 2020, 2021 "Things to Watch" posts as I refer back to past posts at various points without linking. COVID-19 or is it 22? We are currently riding out Omicron praying … Continue reading A Few Things to Watch in 2022

Windsor Budget – 2022

Welcome back my friends. I made cookies but then I ate them all reading this budget. Before we begin you should probably refer to my 2019 Operational and Capital Budget and 2020 Part 1 -Operations , Part 2 ABCs and Part 3 - Capital. As each year's budget builds off the previous year's; reviewing what … Continue reading Windsor Budget – 2022

Census 2022 – New Maps!

Today, xmas comes early for nerds like me as Statistic Canada released the geography files and definitions for the 2021 Census. Although data won't be released until starting in February (schedule below) you can glean certain things from the changes in the mapping files particularly at lower geographic levels. A Census Dissemination Area (DAs) is … Continue reading Census 2022 – New Maps!

A Few Thoughts on Week 67

All good things come to an end First, you can hear my conversation with Mayor Darrin Canniff of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent or where ever you get your podcasts. This weeks episode will be a Season 2 wrap up that looks ahead to Season three and talks about the Patreon content you can expect over … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 67