Referred to Budget

I have been pondering something for a while. In my watching of City Council and the media reporting, I had a perception this year that the number of items referred to the 2020 budget was greater than in past years. Maybe I haven't been paying as close attention as previous years but I have come … Continue reading Referred to Budget

“Ring”ing in Windsor

Tonight (Sept 23rd) at City Council is discussing the addition of numerous additional police/traffic cameras in our community. Mita Williams has a very insightful take that can be found on her blog here. Although an important debate that I am going to watch, the story I am more interested in is this one with Mayor … Continue reading “Ring”ing in Windsor

Windsor Research Project: Local Improvement

On July 8th, City Council was presented a report on the state of residential "rural" roads in our City (Council discussion is here starting at 20:54 in the agenda tab) and local improvement initiatives that could bring these roads up to standard. With approximately 77km of roadways that are "sub-standard" and estimate of $400 million … Continue reading Windsor Research Project: Local Improvement

Windsor Research Project: Economic Transformation

Anyone who says they know what the future holds is trying to tell you a bill of good but one thing that we don't spend a lot of time thinking about where we have come from. Of course plenty of ink has been spilled on the downfall (and revival) of the manufacturing sector the state … Continue reading Windsor Research Project: Economic Transformation

A Sidebar: Mental Health

The last week was a pretty good one for me. ProsperUs released it's baseline neighbourhood report, a report that I played a major role in drafting. I got to sit and talk to Paul Schmitz for a couple of hours. He has some great stories about the Obama's that are pretty cool to hear. It … Continue reading A Sidebar: Mental Health

Windsor Research Project – Wheels on the Bus

This past week an initial update service delivery plan was published by Transit Windsor along with a really good tool to explore the proposed routes and provide feedback. Despite some strange media coverage that saw push back on social media this is a huge step forward for our community and there are a number items … Continue reading Windsor Research Project – Wheels on the Bus

The Windsor Research Project: Are we Smart Enough?

A couple of weeks ago, the Government of Canada announced the winners of our country's first Smart Cities Challenge. Windsor-Essex did have a proposal that unfortunately didn't make it through the initial stages of the challenges. I was apart of that process, a lot of hard work went into it and the idea was there, … Continue reading The Windsor Research Project: Are we Smart Enough?