Week 4.5 Thoughts: What Can a Municipality Do?

Being at home has gotten me thinking, what can be done locally to help jump start the economy. Based on what has begun to emerge in London and rumblings from other communities (yes other communities have strategies in the works). The feeling that has really gripped me, is that those of us who get paid … Continue reading Week 4.5 Thoughts: What Can a Municipality Do?

A Few Thoughts Week 4

Well we are nearing a month (for me that would be April 16). I hope all have had a Happy Easter! I was talking with my parents this week, my dad is a pharmacist at a small town hospital in Oxford County. He was supposed to retire next Tuesday but is staying and doing extra … Continue reading A Few Thoughts Week 4

A Few Thoughts on Week 3

Well we are now facing the end of Month 1, and a short week (for those who are working) until what I imagine will be a quiet Easter. The Provincial projections were released on Friday which certainly put things into some perspective. We had our first passing's this week, now 3 deaths locally. These unfortunately … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 3

A Few Thoughts on Week 2

2 Weeks down, so what is next? We are up to 15 cases of COVID-19 in Windsor EssexI am on Season 10 of the Simpsons or about 1/3 the way through the show.Next week will have some big decisions coming from government:As per Mayor Dilken's video - non essential municipal staff were sent home until … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Week 2

A few thoughts on the 1 week

We did it, we survived one week..... X number to go! Lets be honest we don't know how long or how bad things will get. We now have a contained case of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex, fortunately everything seemed to go right on those cases, so keep calm and carry on. I am a lot less … Continue reading A few thoughts on the 1 week

Pop, Pop!

The Magnitude of the data.... As an early valentine gift to nerds like me, Statistics Canada released the 2019 population estimates for Canada. What is important to say is that these are population estimates, not actual counts which occurs during the census. These estimates are built from a model based on data at the time … Continue reading Pop, Pop!

City Budget and Climate Change

Last week I did a talk for the Law and Cities Program at their first Climate Cafe at the University of Windsor. Frankly I forgot to post my slide deck and presentation over the weekend as I was out of town. You can find it down below. As my nerd cred is well established on … Continue reading City Budget and Climate Change