In the Windsor Star Today

So I was featured in the Windsor Star today. Although the article is speaking on an important issue that needs to be discussed, I am disappointed with it in one aspect. The main takeaway from my portion of the article is the following sentence:

 “There just aren’t that many opportunities in the city,” Fathers said.

That sentence came from a half hour conversation between myself and the reporter. It was a part of a paragraph in which I was discussing degree options and the impact on career opportunities. The broader context was something like the following:

What you go to school for has a big impact on your opportunities in Windsor. If you get a degree in Engineering or the like, you have a much better chance at getting steady work then if you graduate with a B.A in Psych or History. There just aren’t that many opportunities in the city.”

Although the exact wording and examples may have varied. For the record, I think are plenty of opportunities in the city but as I wrote in another blog post both here and with YKNOT, social science degrees are undervalued and underemployed in Windsor-Essex which means that opportunities for people like me are limited.

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