#WorkWindsor Discussion Question

Last night the Windsor Star Cafe hosted the #WorkWindsor panel discussion which brought employers, service providers and young people together to discuss what young people can do to find employment in Windsor-Essex. Overall the discussion was great and I complement Dan Brown of YNKOT and Yvonne Pilion of WE-Tech for putting together an excellent event. … Continue reading #WorkWindsor Discussion Question

My thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 1

Over the holidays the Windsor Star did a great series on young people leaving Windsor-Essex. They followed up this series with a public forum that brought together the local Chamber of Commerce, the University and College, WE-Tech Alliance and YKNOT. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the forum but I did watch the video stream during … Continue reading My thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 1

In the Windsor Star Today

So I was featured in the Windsor Star today. Although the article is speaking on an important issue that needs to be discussed, I am disappointed with it in one aspect. The main takeaway from my portion of the article is the following sentence:  “There just aren’t that many opportunities in the city,” Fathers said. … Continue reading In the Windsor Star Today

The Challenge of being a “Social Scientist” in Windsor Ontario

The following post was originally posted on the YNOT blog which I am now re posting here. I have been coming to Windsor all my life, both of my parents were born and raised here, my extended family is here and in 2010 I moved here to complete a masters’ degree in Political Science at the … Continue reading The Challenge of being a “Social Scientist” in Windsor Ontario

Writings of Friends of Mine

Two  former colleagues from my studies at the University of Windsor have both begun writing blogs/websites in the past couple of weeks that I think you should look into. The first is a blog called Pantyhose and the Penal Code where a former colleague and now law school student, writes with fellow law students on issues … Continue reading Writings of Friends of Mine