Writings of Friends of Mine

Two  former colleagues from my studies at the University of Windsor have both begun writing blogs/websites in the past couple of weeks that I think you should look into.

The first is a blog called Pantyhose and the Penal Code where a former colleague and now law school student, writes with fellow law students on issues of being a women who have been affected by gender violence in their personal or professional lives. This blog is one of the few WordPress blogs that I regularly follow as the stories they recount range from: personal accounts of sexual assault to their concerns about law school culture to how gender is portrayed in the legal system. If you are a young women considering to apply to law school I strongly suggest you take a look at the blog and if you aren’t thinking about law school, I still think you should watch it as Brady and her colleagues are doing some great work!

The second suggestion that I have is a website called the anti-orientalist.com. This site attempts to tackle a wide-range of issues that effect the Middle East and the broader “orient”. My former colleague Bilal already has a number of articles on a variety of topics posted along with various other resources from around the internet focusing on Middle Eastern issues. If you have interest in writing on this region, I suggest that you drop Bilal a line through his site or his twitter @AntiOrientalist as he hopes to turn his site into a platform for other authors to speak on important issues impacting the region.

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