In the Windsor Star Today

So I was featured in the Windsor Star today. Although the article is speaking on an important issue that needs to be discussed, I am disappointed with it in one aspect. The main takeaway from my portion of the article is the following sentence:  “There just aren’t that many opportunities in the city,” Fathers said. … Continue reading In the Windsor Star Today

What if Detroit hosted the UN?

The announcement of Detroit's bankruptcy was a long time coming with much ink being spilled on the city's demographic conflagrations and mismanagement. The collapses of the city's economic base that supported the jobs that kept the people in the area, to the out and out criminal activity of municipal office holders, all have given the City of Detroit … Continue reading What if Detroit hosted the UN?

Turks and Caicos and Canada – A match made in heaven?

The Premier of the British Overseas Territory of the Turks and Caicos, Rufus Ewing was in Ottawa today (May 26, 2014) and as always happens when the Turks and Caicos comes up, media stories (here, here, here and here) emerged floating the idea about Canada annexing the Caribbean island chain and it becoming the nation's 11th … Continue reading Turks and Caicos and Canada – A match made in heaven?

Reader Interaction!!! YAY!!!

So I am curious if any of the people who follow my blog want me to research or write about something? I don't claim to be an expert on everything but I do enjoy researching and reading about new topics and then providing my partially informed opinion on that topic. Does anyone out there have … Continue reading Reader Interaction!!! YAY!!!

Residential Development Charges Lead to a Hidden Tax for City Residents

Today the Spring issue of Canadian Student Review was released by the Fraser Institute. Inside the issue you will find a publication on Development Charges that I authored. I suggest that you read all of the articles but if you want to just read mine, you can find it here.

2014: The Year of Redrawing Maps???

As events in the Ukraine continue to unfold and the prospect of Russian invasion appears real (or has already occurred)  the reality is that the map of Europe could change dramatically appears real. Whether Russia absorbs parts of the Ukraine along with the Crimea or if an independent puppet state emerges, remains to be seen … Continue reading 2014: The Year of Redrawing Maps???

Writings of Friends of Mine

Two  former colleagues from my studies at the University of Windsor have both begun writing blogs/websites in the past couple of weeks that I think you should look into. The first is a blog called Pantyhose and the Penal Code where a former colleague and now law school student, writes with fellow law students on issues … Continue reading Writings of Friends of Mine