Comments on Mike Moffat – SW Ontario Blog…

The following are some comments that I posted on Dr. Mike Moffat's Southwest Ontario Website. He has written some really good stuff over there and I encourage the whole two people who read my site to go and take a look. I offer my own partially informed views on the 6 areas Dr. Moffat has … Continue reading Comments on Mike Moffat – SW Ontario Blog…

Unseen Equalization: Provincial Subsidies in Federal Programs

This morning a research paper that I contributed to was released by the Fraser Institute. You can find the research paper here. The report examines the impact of province subsidies that are embedded in federal government programs and how they are distributed across the country.

300 Channels that I can Pick and Still Nothing on!

In today's Speech from the Throne the Harper Government as a part of their consumer first agenda, announced plans to force cable and satellite companies to offer "el la carte"  or "pick and pay" options for TV channels. My question to the Harper Government is why are they interfering in the cable TV Industry for … Continue reading 300 Channels that I can Pick and Still Nothing on!

What is the Canadian Military? Is it time to rethink?

Recently there has seen a number of news stories and article emerging about the state of the Canadian military. Questions of whether the navy should re-orientate itself to new challenges in the Pacific (China); the costs of stealth snowmobiles;  the ongoing procurement drama of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and this rather eloquent article on the middle power conundrum regarding military procurement. … Continue reading What is the Canadian Military? Is it time to rethink?

Energy East Oil Project

So I started following @andrew_leach on twitter, he is a resource economist at the University of Alberta. He has recently got back into blogging and last night he released a brilliant blog post here on the topic of the Energy East Oil Project and Canadian Energy Security. I would highly recommend the post and his blog … Continue reading Energy East Oil Project

The Senate Scandal and Reform

I started the following article back at the height of the Duffy Scandal (June) unfortunately I got busy with other things and now have only had the time to update and finish the piece. It isn't what I wanted it to be but rather then just scrap it I figured I would post it. I … Continue reading The Senate Scandal and Reform

My First Published Contribution

Today the Fraser Institute released a study on Corporate Welfare in Canada from the 1960s. I contributed to this article, despite my name being misspelled in the acknowledgements. If you are interested you can find the article for download. Related articles Canadian aerospace firms benefit most from $22B worth of 'corporate welfare' handed out since … Continue reading My First Published Contribution

A Liebster Award???

So my little storage house of my written ramblings has been nominated for a Liebster Award!?!?!? I had never heard of this award so naturally I looked into what I was getting myself into. The origins of the award, seem to clouded in mystery as the original blog has disappeared in thousands of awards winning … Continue reading A Liebster Award???