The Windsor Research Project – This Old House

This Old HouseDelving into the question of why the region is sprawling out, part the discussion must begin with the historical legacy of housing in our region.As the table above illustrates, Windsor's housing stock is substantially older than other parts of our region. As a result there are challenges in aligning these homes with modern … Continue reading The Windsor Research Project – This Old House

The Windsor Research Project – Forward

Forward  What began as a essay on urban sprawl and some of the challenges faced by Windsor and broader Essex County has evolved into a much more. As 2018 progresses, Windsor-Essex County is in many ways at an inflection point, with the coming years charting the course of this region for the next generation and … Continue reading The Windsor Research Project – Forward

Book List

A few people have been asking where is my blog post/series on Windsor, Sprawl, Housing etc. going to be posted - short answer is that it is coming. In the meantime, if you are interested in the subject, here is the Book List that forms the foundation for that work. In the last year or so … Continue reading Book List

Christmas in September… Putting money where our mouths are.

On Wednesday, the next batch of Census data is released and it is the only standalone data set of the year: Income Data... In 2011, the Census tracked the status of Windsor in 2010 during the teeth of the recession. The question at hand is how far has Windsor and Essex County come from the from … Continue reading Christmas in September… Putting money where our mouths are.

It’s Christmas… In February

On February 8th, the first batch of the 2016 Census data is released. Although only the population and dwelling counts are being released next week, it is the first stage of a year long release.... pretty much Christmas all year long. What does this mean for our region? Well the bast way I can describe … Continue reading It’s Christmas… In February

Book Review: The Boundary Bargain by @zacspicer

For my birthday I was finally able to finish up Zachary Spicer book The Boundary Bargain. The book outlines  the evolution and nature of the cities and rural areas in Ontario and the consequences  of this divide. Providing a historical overview dating back to the early cities of Upper Canada to outline the evolution of … Continue reading Book Review: The Boundary Bargain by @zacspicer

Housing Stock – Lets get depressing :P

In my previous post I took my dog for a walk and we had a wonderful time wandering my neighbourhood and seeing looking the state of house. At this point, we have to take a step back and look at the City as a whole. On Saturday night I tweeted out the first piece of … Continue reading Housing Stock – Lets get depressing 😛