Housing Stock – Lets get depressing :P

In my previous post I took my dog for a walk and we had a wonderful time wandering my neighbourhood and seeing looking the state of house. At this point, we have to take a step back and look at the City as a whole. On Saturday night I tweeted out the first piece of … Continue reading Housing Stock – Lets get depressing ūüėõ

So I Took My Dog for a Walk

So summer is here and for me that means taking Lucy on lots of walks. Being a 8 lb chihuahua, the cool temperatures of the late fall through early spring ¬†drains her interest in going outside and walking the neighbourhood. But now that summer has arrived several walks per day are the norm, which has … Continue reading So I Took My Dog for a Walk

How an Astronaut Made it More Expensive to Fly from #YQG

  Porter Airlines plan was to expand Billy Bishop Airport by extending the runway into Lake Ontario. By doing so it could then fly Bombardier CS 100 Jets out of the airport and reach destinations like Las Vegas, Vancouver, Miami, Calgary and LA¬†to name a few. Although the CS 100 series has suffered from a … Continue reading How an Astronaut Made it More Expensive to Fly from #YQG

A response to @WindsorCAMPP #YQG #megahospital

Phillippa from CAMPP posted some comment yesterday in response to my post and I tried to post this in the comments of my last post "What's Wrong with these Graphs" but it wouldn't work (to long). So I gave it its own post. I apologize for poor writing as I wanted to get this posted … Continue reading A response to @WindsorCAMPP #YQG #megahospital

What’s Wrong With These Graphs?

I generally haven't used this blog to comment¬†other groups and their points of view but I have seen a number of¬†graphs that just rubbed me the wrong way. Why did it bother me, well I work with data for a living, and when I see data poorly presented (whether deliberately or not) in an effort … Continue reading What’s Wrong With These Graphs?

Re-branding #YQG

This weekend the CBC posted a story about the Mayor's plans to re-brand Windsor with the crux of the discussion being¬†can Windsor follow in the footsteps of Detroit and become "cool and hip". Article spawned a discussion on Facebook between Councilor Holt and Brotolin and the community about how the City can change course and … Continue reading Re-branding #YQG

@CouncillorHolt and Parking; @irek_k proposed 20 year vision; and an EcDev Conspiracy

I haven't written anything topical recently so this post will try and hit 3 birds with one post. Raising Parking Fees¬† Over the past couple of weeks there has been an uproar over Councilor Holt's suggestion that parking be charged at various city amenities outside of the downtown. First, everyone should listen to August 12th … Continue reading @CouncillorHolt and Parking; @irek_k proposed 20 year vision; and an EcDev Conspiracy