My Thoughts on #Windsorgone Part 2 – Youth

After a couple of discussions about my first #windsorgone blog, (you can find it here) I decided to change the topic of the second blog from what can be done locally to the following discussion. Be warned there is some data analysis and numbers in the post. About Young People Leaving Windsor An "omission" from my first blog … Continue reading My Thoughts on #Windsorgone Part 2 – Youth

#WorkWindsor Discussion Question

Last night the Windsor Star Cafe hosted the #WorkWindsor panel discussion which brought employers, service providers and young people together to discuss what young people can do to find employment in Windsor-Essex. Overall the discussion was great and I complement Dan Brown of YNKOT and Yvonne Pilion of WE-Tech for putting together an excellent event. … Continue reading #WorkWindsor Discussion Question

My thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 1

Over the holidays the Windsor Star did a great series on young people leaving Windsor-Essex. They followed up this series with a public forum that brought together the local Chamber of Commerce, the University and College, WE-Tech Alliance and YKNOT. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the forum but I did watch the video stream during … Continue reading My thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 1

In the Windsor Star Today

So I was featured in the Windsor Star today. Although the article is speaking on an important issue that needs to be discussed, I am disappointed with it in one aspect. The main takeaway from my portion of the article is the following sentence:  “There just aren’t that many opportunities in the city,” Fathers said. … Continue reading In the Windsor Star Today

The Challenge of being a “Social Scientist” in Windsor Ontario

The following post was originally posted on the YNOT blog which I am now re posting here. I have been coming to Windsor all my life, both of my parents were born and raised here, my extended family is here and in 2010 I moved here to complete a masters’ degree in Political Science at the … Continue reading The Challenge of being a “Social Scientist” in Windsor Ontario