#Windsor2035 – Transportation

Transportation is a constant point of conversation in Windsor-Essex, whether it is potholes on the roads in Windsor, regional transit attempting to bring the county closer to the city or a new bridge(s) over the river to Detroit. Local Transportation Issues  Lets face it, the roads in Windsor are bad there is very little disagreement on … Continue reading #Windsor2035 – Transportation

#Windsor2035: A Series

#Windsor2035 Following his election, Mayor Drew Dilkens called for a 20 year strategic plan for the City of Windsor resulting in the hashtag #windsor2035 popping up on Twitter. I have decided to weigh into this discussion of what Windsor should/could/would look like in 2035. This post will be the first in a series in which I attempt … Continue reading #Windsor2035: A Series

Discussion on Development Charges in #Windsor

This week there was a flurry of discussion around development charges (DCs) in Windsor, with the reporting that a proposal is going to Council next week calling for a 51% increase in there existing rates. The response saw an interesting debate erupt on Councilor Chris Holt's Facebook Page between Councilors  Holt and Bortolin and Developer Peter Valante. Mr. Valante's … Continue reading Discussion on Development Charges in #Windsor

In the Windsor Star Today

So I was featured in the Windsor Star today. Although the article is speaking on an important issue that needs to be discussed, I am disappointed with it in one aspect. The main takeaway from my portion of the article is the following sentence:  “There just aren’t that many opportunities in the city,” Fathers said. … Continue reading In the Windsor Star Today