A Few Thoughts on Week 65

The world we are in

  • Before I dig in, this week on Council Conversation I spoke to Windsor Ward 8 City Councillor Gark Kaschak.
  • Additionally this week United Way and the Windsor Essex Community Benefits Coalition released a report that I co-authored on right sizing community wealth building strategies for rural, small and mid-sized Cities.
  • The last few week have been tough, Kamloops, the terrorist attack (if you don’t think it was, stop reading now) in London ON. Even beyond that the ongoing COVID narrative has been dragging and politics locally have just sucked.
    • I took a sick day this week as I didn’t want to deal with it.
  • First, listen to Sarah Mushtaq on CBC Radio speaking to some of the impacts the London attack that it has had on her.
    • I would consider Sarah a friend, I think she as incredibly important voice and I could hear the pain and fear in her voice.
    • This article also hits it out of the park.
  • The statement by Jeff Bennet former PC Candidate is also telling. I wonder if any local/perspective MP/MPPs/Mayors/Councillors/Trustees have heard anything similar at the door?
Polling on perceptions of Asian Canadians by Angus Reid
  • Last summer during the BLM awakening I wrote these two pieces on Racial Data in Windsor-Essex and Racial Inequality. Some of what I highlighted were the words and not actions have taken place in our community and the barriers faced by visible minority communities.
    • Those pieces actually got some blow back, which is a story for another day.
  • I found this piece that states that a pretty powerful argument:

The meta-problem isn’t rampant racism or violence in Canadian society, it’s that too many Canadians simply don’t understand what we are. We’re a normal country. Hell, we’d even go so far as to say that Canada is better than average! But we’re not immune to normal human prejudices, hatred, crime, or to history and its many atrocities. We never were.

The Line
  • A follow up to the Greyhound bus service ending this really cool interactive map shows all of the existing intra-city transit routes operated in Ontario.
  • This thread was the best think on Twitter this week!
  • A few day this week, I saw this young person playing his sax outside of Marlborough School. Sometimes under a tree, other times near Ambassador Church, depending on the sun and shade.
I don’t know his story but he was out playing his sax in the shade 3 days last week.
  • The first study of the economic impacts of learning loss on children from over 205 countries has been released.
    • Hint it doesn’t look good for lower income countries/groups.
  • For those wondering there will be a post (likely a long one) on Addie Knox Community Centre before the June 21st Council meeting.
  • Our 7-day average is now 11 cases per day- comparable to Nov 11 of last year, about 5 cases higher than the flattened curve from last summer.
An alley, a construction project and a doggo

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