A Few Thoughts on Week 19

Man it is hot outside…. so hot people forget how to park

  • An interesting report on what Remote Work might do to communities to the US and potentially close the opportunity gap?
    • My feeling is probably not…. but there are interesting implications for Windsor-Essex. Two weeks ago I talked about remote work and Windsor – WEEDC jumped into action! Although I am sure a long time planned, I feel I deserve some credit.
  • Wondering what else is going on in the world besides COVID-19? Here is what I read each week.
  • The growth of COVID cases under the age of 40 is concerning, but I want to unpack this a bit.
    • The service sector jobs that are now being reopened are filled predominantly by younger people. Young people are much more likely to be servers at restaurants, bartenders, retail staff
    • From what I can see 43 of the 57 cases in Windsor Essex were from Migrant workers who are also predominantly under 40 years old. Migrant workers number were not extracted from from this total.
    • In other words, the 66% is largely not made up of community spread. If you control for the migrant worker number from that and assume that the same ratio remains under 40, you have 43% rate of community infection for under 40 population.
  • What are top doctors thinking now after 6 months of COVID
  • The polynomial trend line shows the average curve and how it has bent.
    • First 40ish days the line trends down.
    • Flat line between day 42 and Mothers Day (Day 51)
    • Rising line since then.
  • No Stage 3 on Wednesday for Windsor Essex is my prediction, the 10+ community spreads and the outbreaks at various Wal-Marts and manufacturing facilities are a big STOP SIGN.
  • No Izzy picture today as she is trying to figure out what colour to paint my staircase walls. Thoughts?
    • Risers will be redone in white, treads to be stained and varnished, new white trim going on as well.

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