A Few Thoughts on Week 18

The dog days of summer are nearly upon us and it is too hot to write too much.

  • A new Ocean is being born in Africa but it might be a few years before you can go for a swim.
  • In Essex County of as the 2016 Census there were 33 women for every 1 female self-employed individual; in contrast there are 18 men for ever self-employed male. The provincial average is 23 and 13 respectively per self-employed individual province wide. This is why a program like the Fed-Dev funded and Small Business Centre led supports for female led small businesses are so important.
  • At the same time COVID has sent female employment levels back to the 1980s.
  • No Stage 3 for us.
  • Erie Shore’s Health Care reimposing Stage 1 restrictions is unfortunate and a concerning sign of community spread.
    • The questions is whether the migrant worker outbreak is now penetrating into the community. This is why tracing is important.
  • Provincially the trend is also troubling as outlined in this thread.
  • 84 pages examining how COVID relief funding supported the economy in the US.
  • 24 pages on how Shutdown Orders impact the economy in the US
  • Below is the face of a dog who stole my thawing dinner off the kitchen counter. This was actually my fault, as she did it once before but she won’t make eye contact with me right now.

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