A few thoughts on the 1 week

We did it, we survived one week….. X number to go!

Lets be honest we don’t know how long or how bad things will get. We now have a contained case of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex, fortunately everything seemed to go right on those cases, so keep calm and carry on.

  • I am a lot less productive at home but can you blame me?
God she’s cute
  • That lack of productivity and separation from work/home life actually lead me to be working more. Rapidly evolving events, 12 feet between my computer and kitchen, means my email and teams is open and on a lot more than when I leave my computer at work and head home.
  • The other thing that has become very apparent is the fragility of many of the social supports that driven through charitable giving. From blood drives to food banks to homeless shelters entire systems on a knife edge.
  • I started S1E01 of the Simpsons, we will see how long it takes to get through 30 seasons playing in the background. At time of writing I working through the glory years of Season 6.
  • Friends of mine, working in Toronto for corporations impacted by the social distancing and closing are getting hit. They are taking paycuts to not get laid off; practically moving in with parents to have childcare; and losing savings for down payments on houses in the market.
  • When I think about the layoffs last week, the question becomes is this 2008 for the local economy or something much worse?
  • Why is there still no Toilet paper???
Food Basic – University Ave and Tecumseh Sunday March 22, approx 10:30 am
  • I am trying to figure out where I get take out from on Tuesday.
  • The Minister of Health said that those who are breaking isolation are putting broader civil liberties at risk is certainly interesting. She also said expect distancing to last for months not weeks
  • For the 2 cases are that are confirmed in Windsor/Essex, the 4 day timeline to confirm the illness is interesting to me and also a big risk.
  • Statistically, week 2 should see the first person admitted to ICU assuming the average growth curve for Canada applies to Windsor-Essex (I don’t think it does)
  • Do I bake a cake, cookies, choco-peanut oatmeal balls or Rice Krispy squares to eat while on Zoom to Meeting with work colleague on Monday?
  • The Labour Force Survey was in the field last week, we will have first insights into unemployment impacts should be on April 9th just before Easter. Due to the timing, the survey will likely have missed some of the major layoffs from the auto sector so whatever the number that comes out, the April date will probably get worse. 1 in 3 unemployed is not out of the realm of possibility.
  • Big question will be for week 2, does a shelter in place order get made…

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