Overcoming the Odds

On Thursday, United Way released a report that I authored called Overcoming the Odds which focuses on the issue of Child and Youth Poverty in Windsor-Essex County and the barrier that prevent these young people reaching their potential. I was on CBC News Windsor (at 13 minute mark)  as well as the CBC Afternoon Drive radio program (audio not … Continue reading Overcoming the Odds

Re-branding #YQG

This weekend the CBC posted a story about the Mayor's plans to re-brand Windsor with the crux of the discussion being can Windsor follow in the footsteps of Detroit and become "cool and hip". Article spawned a discussion on Facebook between Councilor Holt and Brotolin and the community about how the City can change course and … Continue reading Re-branding #YQG

Questions and Comments about the #Megahospital

Last week saw the announcement of the location of Windsor's new "Mega-Hospital" announced, with it being situated on County Road 42 and Lauzon Parkway. There has been much debate about the announced location on twitter but for me it is the unanswered questions that have peaked my interest. Although I was tempted to post this … Continue reading Questions and Comments about the #Megahospital

My thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 1

Over the holidays the Windsor Star did a great series on young people leaving Windsor-Essex. They followed up this series with a public forum that brought together the local Chamber of Commerce, the University and College, WE-Tech Alliance and YKNOT. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the forum but I did watch the video stream during … Continue reading My thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 1

Max 30 Week 5

Well month 2 began with a wall of pain. All of the workouts for the next month although retaining the same names (Cardio, Power, Sweat, Strength and Fight) have upped the difficulty and intensity. The water breaks within the workouts have been cut and many of them have been replaced short cardio (or power) moves … Continue reading Max 30 Week 5

Insanity Max 30: Week 4

I have survived month one and I got my average max out time over 15 minutes with it at 15 minutes and 21 seconds. Over the month I lost 9.5 pounds (although this weekend I slipped up and ate a lot of junk food). Month 2 changes the work outs up and supposedly make them … Continue reading Insanity Max 30: Week 4

My Southwestern Ontario

Over the weekend Dr. Mike Moffatt posted his definition of Southwestern Ontario (SWO) as well as his sub-division of our region. First, I find his subdivision of SWO intriguing and an apt description of the different parts of SWO. My issue is that the use of Economic Regions (ER) lumps communities into SWO that really aren't in our region. … Continue reading My Southwestern Ontario

Insanity Max 30: Week 3

So I have a gotten through week 3 of Insanity Max 30. This week substituted the two "power" workouts for two "strength" workouts. The new workouts are tough and unfortunately it pulled down my "max out" times which averaged: 11:39, which kept me from reaching my goal. Hopefully I will get over 12:30 next week!

Insanity Max 30: Week 2

I finished week 2 of Max 30 on Sunday.The predominant difference between this week and week 1 is the addition of 3, 10 minute abs sets on the cardio and stretch days. My average max out time was 11:25 and I hope to push that over 12:30 this week. So here is hoping!