A Few Thoughts on Week 6

Izzy wants me to do less video calls and go for more walks….

  • This song is good.
  • You can hear me talk about stuff Covid/Economy/Charitable Sector in a Windsor/Essex related context on Rose City Politics.
  • Some super interesting data has emerged out of Iceland and Italy around the infection rates (or lack thereof) for children under the age of 10. Both studies look at relatively large samples and controls.
    • At about the same time there was the death of a young child in Detroit which shows it is not complete immunity.
  • There was a interesting story on “Immunity Passes” on CBC The House (Sat April 25), and how a system will be required before international travel is potentially allowed again.
    • Later in the day, the Prime Minister said it was premature to talk about what this system would look like. This is probably true as we don’t know what the re-infection risk really looks like.
  • Next Saturday, I am doing a Digital Janes Walk of my part of West Windsor see the link for full details
Image may contain: possible text that says 'WINDSOR JANE'S WALK GOES DIGITAL'
  • City Council will be having an online meeting on Monday at 1pm. Watch – Agenda and Streaming are here.
  • The recent comments about restarting the bus system from the mayor are interesting as the restart was framed in the context as businesses re-opening:
    • Doug Ford has said the economy won’t be re-opening prior to May 24 (May 18-20) long weekend.
    • As the Mayor said that the City will follow the Province‘s lead on re-opening businesses and the economy. Add to this school being out until at least May 31 which would have some impact on the demand side of usage.
    • A media conference has been called for Monday at 11am. The Mayors comments last night with the CBC that there is action occurring behind the scenes to prepare for a start up.
    • Given the above, if it doesn’t happen now (Monday), a June restart of transit seems more likely than a May one. If a return is announced Monday, several days may be needed to ramp up services to operational levels.
  • Phone update – phones are stupid expensive and I don’t want to upgrade my plan to an more expensive one just to get a new phone.
  • As I tweeted earlier this week (maybe late last week) my auto insurance is due soon. Despite driving 36km in the last 6 weeks; probably not being back to the office until June it is going up 6%. I have called to inquire about this madness.
Watching the News
  • Simpson’s progress has also slowed down, currently working through Season 14.
  • What is interesting in the chart above (despite 961 pending tests and the timing of those tests) is that we average approximately 14.6 cases per day. The question becomes, what number of new cases per day can our community sustain and be open.
    • The new normal could very well be, 3-5 cases per day for the next year assuming we actually get real time test and trace processes in place.
  • It is a shame that the the Health Unit isn’t collecting racial or other types of data.
    • They also don’t breakout on their website municipal or sub-municipal cases and infections. They have shared municipal data in their presentation package on Friday’s but are not doing regular updates.
    • I think there is some really interesting geographic/health research that will emerge from this data.
  • A interesting YouTube series I have been watching called World War 2 This Week, they release a weekly episode of what happened in real time during WW2 that week. The same group previously did similar work on World War 1 and the interwar period.

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