2015: A New Year, Hopefully a Better Blog

First off, Happy New Years one and all. I haven’t written on this blog for a while as a number of things in my life prevented me. My hope and plan for 2015 is that I will be more active on here and one of the first things I am going to do this year is post some “resolutions” and “predictions” for the coming year.


Get under 200 pounds

This was an unspoken goal for 2014 but I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 212.8. Although this is down from my high of about 230 almost 2 years ago now, I want to be under 200 pound for May 28, 2016. I have set the goal of July 1, to be under 200. I have a workout plan laid out, Mal and I are prepping meal plans, so we will see where it goes!

Debit my Debt

I currently have a generous outstanding amount of student loans that are due to both the bank and Province. With a wedding in less than 510 days, a fiancée completing her PhD with her own student debt I hope to make a substantial debit on my debt levels. Mallory is helping run a 30 day financial challenge on Facebook that I am taking part in, if you are interest join the event at the link above.

Write a Paper

In 2014, I started a pair of academic papers. One on Canada’s relationship with the Turks and Caicos and I have begun collecting data on Development Charges across Southwestern Ontario. I would love to complete one of these papers and submit it to attempt to get them published.

Kill Timmy

Since July, I have been working at an office that had me walking past a Tim Hortons on a daily basis. What can I say, I am weak-willed, although I didn’t stop every day, I did stop in a couple of days a week. Part of achieving both resolutions 1 & 2 is cutting back my trips to Tim Hortons. Saving a couple of dollars a day and a few hundred calories will certainly help!

I’z Read Good 

I plan on reading a number of books this year, my hope is 2 per month. I plan on posting my reviews (or some sort of thoughts) here when I am done the books.

Support Mallory

As I mentioned my fiancee is working on her PhD. This year she will write her comprehensive exams which means her life is unfortunately going to descend in a pit of reading, note taking and stress. I am going to be her rock as well as implement some sort of Sunday Funday for her.

Random Predictions 

Canadian Federal Election: Liberal Minority that is propped up by the NDP. It is possible the Conservatives win the most seats but their government will likely fall during at the first confidence vote.

Paris Climate Change Conference will result in no tangible agreement.

Mid-East continue to unravel with ISIS remaining a threat in Iraq and Syria, Turkey continues to slide toward authoritarianism, Iran nuclear deal is tentatively reached but US Republican Congress prevents additional progress.

Detroit Lions Record: 6-10

Detroit Tigers: Miss the Playoffs


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