A Few Thoughts on Week 64

Dog days of summer that hasn’t started yet.

How she lays after a evening walk to cool down
  • This week on Council Conversations I was joined by Mayor Hilda MacDonald of the Municipality of Leamington. This week will feature a conversation with Windsor Ward 8 Councillor Gary Kaschuk.
  • A new episode of Mean, Median and Moose is also out titled Ticks, Telecom and Trails where we dig into crowdsource data in Canada.
  • An interesting post on a national bus service.
  • It is City Council on Monday and although Sandpoint Beach motion from Councillor Gill is the highlight item, it is also going to be the gripping audit results from PWC.
    • On the Sandpoint Beach issue I want to give credit where it is due; the Park’s Masterplan in 2017 and then Councillor Kusmierczyk. This is where the EA that is being pulled forward is emerged from. Now I completely recognize the politics that are now happening here. As I point out when Councillor Gill was elected, he was going to be the fortunate recipient of a lot of Councillor Kusmierczyk work as the approved capital plans were well underway for a number of his priorities when he was elected ex. Forest Glade Optimist Park redevelopment.
    • The pulling forward of the EA reminds me of the tragic accident on Prince road where an expedite a signalized crossing near MicMac park.
Outstanding Council Questions
  • How does administration go 5 years without providing an answer to a question?
    • On page 155 you get to see the big new development on Wyandotte and Ouellette zoning application. 17 stories – 119 units, not one affordable unit.
    • On page 304 you can see the heritage application on the Street Barn/Sheds on University Ave., which has some interesting history and information about the property and it’s heritage eligibility.
    • Also Alley naming might becomes a thing on pg. 385.

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