A Few Thoughts on Week 59

The end is neigh?

  • I am doing a Jane’s Walk next weekend and you get to pick the neighbourhood that I wonder through alleyways in.
  • A new Episode of Mean, Median and Moose will be out on Monday!
  • Season 2 of Council Conversations formally kicked off with a conversation with Dr. Mike Moffatt.
  • The PayIt issue in Toronto is one that has jumped onto my radar. Sounds like the City of Toronto is sole-source IT infrastructure that could screw them according to some tech experts. Sound are calling it the privatization of core city services to a US hedge fund backed technology firm.
    • Story popped up last summer when the sole sourcing was announced.
    • Last fall PayIt announced it’s first international headquarters would be in Toronto which leads to some qui pro quo speculation that a unspoken piece of the agreement of the City sole sourcing was a HQ landing in the City.
    • From my understanding the Issue goes to Council this week for final approval.
  • Tomorrow is Census Day!
  • Back under 50/ 7 day average – this is good and put us on pace for a Redish level opening in a couple of weeks

Pick a path Izzy

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