A Few Thoughts on Week 44

The end of the beginning….

  • A motion from Councillor MacKenzie around changes to Conversation Authorities will be made at Council tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how this is received.
  • An interesting paper written by Richard Florida et al, on the Post-Pandemic Impacts on Cities. The topic of social scarring is particularly interesting to me. The paper doesn’t dive that deeply into some of the specific issues it does bring forward a number of though points like this one – Cities as a destination – something I would argue Windsor has been attempting to do.
  • A collaboration of social service organizations has released a roadmap for a Just Recovery in Hamilton. This follows the London strategy led by their mayor, that I talked about last spring/summer (I can’t remember what post). We can certainly have a lively debate on the specific elements of a local strategy but the fact that there hasn’t been a conversation about this in our community is damning on all of us.
    • There is an opportunity for leadership and that opportunity is being obfuscated for a status quo that was arguably broken prior to Covid-19.
      • City Council hasn’t to my knowledge, outline any plans beyond begging for money from the Provincial or Federal Government.
      • Economic Development is focused on automobility and hospitals which are arguably the status quo. People were talk about this before the pandemic.
      • The social service sector is just trying mitigate the damage being done by COVID has no resource or time to think about the future.
      • Health care is trying to get people vaccinated while bodies are stacking up.
      • Education is trying to teach the next generation via Zoom.
  • Would it have taken sacrifice to move something forward, absolutely. We are 8 weeks away from the 1 year anniversary of our first local cases, but there is still no vision, no priorities and no leadership on what will make our region a better place post COVID-19.
  • The 87 reported cases on Saturday was a hopeful sign that was quickly crushed on Sunday with 270 cases. The R rate has dropped below 1 which is a very good sign!
  • Vaccine shipment delays are less than ideal.

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