A Few Thoughts on Week 35

I got my flu shot, did you?

  • An interesting piece on the logistics of COVID vaccine delivery. Major shipping companies are building “freezer farms” to ensure that vaccines remain in cold storage during transport to final destinations. Keeping samples at -80C through the whole supply chain. I am curious to think what the energy footprint of these cold-storage facilities are and what their post-pandemic utility will be?
    • From my understanding the Pfizer vaccine can be stored in a standard freezer, 3-5 days for usage but maintaining their storage/shipping temperatures requires large quantities of dry ice (CO2) and a shortage could be on the horizon.
    • This dry ice and short shelf life could make the vaccine inaccessible to some areas or countries where ultra cold supply chain infrastructure doesn’t exist.
  • The President of Peru got impeached this past week.
  • Meanwhile in Moldova, a European leaning candidate has won the presidential runoff, leading a Russian satellite to snub it’s preferred candidate. Cause that has worked out well.
  • Between now and 2030, the region is projected to add another 38,000 people.
    • Although there is a dip in older working age population through 2030, that is largely the demographic shift of boomers and GenX’ers age out of prime working years.
    • You see a similar dip in the 2040s 60+ pops start aging out of their early retirement years.
    • The 80+ population growth is driven by improvements in life expectancy.
    • In total by 2046 the region is projected to be home to 549,000 people.
  • I have been digging around in some racialized population data for the Windsor CMA and Leamington CA.
  • This is certainly telling for our region but I think a more important data sets is this one. Top level of education attainment:
  • Our region doesn’t fair that well in education attainment compared to national average. Although this does include retirees, our region has been showed to have a post-secondary attainment gap in the working population (25-64) unfortunately that data isn’t available with visible minority crosstabs.
    • There a few takeaways – due to some small sample sizes in Leamington entire groups do not have post-secondary or any kind. Those groups have 10 or less individuals who identified.
    • Certain groups certainly fair well while the “Not a Visible Minority” (White) lags in our region overall. This is partially a legacy of people walking out of high school and onto an assembly line.
    • As newcomers going to be the predominant source of population growth and the international students at the University may well be how our region growth. The educational attainment balance between different groups is not only a potential resource but also a potential political wedge.
  • Obviously the trendline is doing in the wrong direction here as well as across the province and country
  • A great video by the German Government trying to keep young people home by appealing to their sense of duty.
    • It’s funny when German’s are funny…

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