A Few Thoughts on Week 24

The final weekend of August…

  • We did it, we survived the horrors of summer, one more week until Labour Day, oh wait…
  • The two threads tied together in the link above are really important and concerning to think about.
    • What is Canada’s and to a local extent Windsor’s plan if Trump is reelected? We like to stand on our principles and moral superiority to what is happening south of the border, but now rubber will be hitting the road.
      • Will Canada accept people looking (Blacks as an example) seeing political asylum based on a repressive and authoritarian government?
    • As political violence rises tensions will be inflamed in our country through social media and misinformation spreading. Although I am bad partisan, you can already see it in how conservative social media attacks the liberals federally.
    • The fact top US Generals had to say the military will not get involved in the November Election increasing makes the US look like a Banana Republic.
  • So many Windsorsite (in non-COVID times) interact with the US on a regular basis, the passive implications of which are supporting a government and policies that are increasingly becoming authoritarian. The statement that many share is that this “not the America I know”, is largely one of choice ignorance rather than a transformation of American values. We had the privilege and opportunity to go to the outlet mall, or a Tigers’ game or for a great meal but that was always in a bubble, traveling with people we knew, in our own car and a bed back in our country waiting our return. You didn’t see the other American as it was outside the bubble, much like Social Media.
    • A Trump re-election may mean, additional supply chain disruptions as arbitrary tariffs are imposed and outright corporate bribery is used to “Make America Great”. This week, they are coming for evil Canadian Lobster fishermen.
    • For many in our community, the border and/or the lands beyond it will no longer be safe. The policies and behaviours that Trump has encouraged/embolden. The US post COVID could very well be a no go zone.
    • For Windsor-Essex stress and mental health issues will probably rise, as our media is saturated with US coverage. A fall of attack ads are about to begin.
  • This post by the Oakville Community Foundation is required reading for a charitable perspective on the WE Scandal.
  • Also watching what is happening in Japan where the longest serving G-7 leader stepped aside. Speaking of South Asia, I have begun reading about that area more recently as my thesis was on the region (historical portions here and here) 9DashLine (name itself is important) has quickly become a favourite for insight.
  • I asked a poll question on twitter and people were unsurprisingly divided.
  • Sandwich St. re-development plan that is apart of the Gordie Howe Bridge
    • Approximately 750 M of multi use trail from Chappell Ave towards the eventual GHIB. About 2 km of painted bikes lanes from Chappell ave to the Ambassador Bridge.
    • Approximately 95 parking spots are being potentially removed to accommodate the bike lanes. All spots in the BIA area from Brock St. to Detroit St. would remain.
    • Based on the engineering cross sections there is nothing incredibly eye catching or dynamic in the proposed designs. Based on the plan additional consultation with Planning Department and BIA will occur on the designs for this area so it may come from there.
236 Best Weather Meme's images | Weather memes, Memes, Bones funny
  • The Farmers Almanac is predicting a harsh and snowy winter for Ontario because it is 2020.
  • There have been a number of businesses that have had sites of exposure with restaurants, a gym, wineries and Halloween supply stores. This contract tracing process is now a part of our new normal.
  • Keep an eye out for a new collaborative project soon! Izzy certainly is…
Narrator: She actually isn’t

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