My Southwestern Ontario

Over the weekend Dr. Mike Moffatt posted his definition of Southwestern Ontario (SWO) as well as his sub-division of our region. First, I find his subdivision of SWO intriguing and an apt description of the different parts of SWO. My issue is that the use of Economic Regions (ER) lumps communities into SWO that really aren't in our region. … Continue reading My Southwestern Ontario

Residential Development Charges Lead to a Hidden Tax for City Residents

Today the Spring issue of Canadian Student Review was released by the Fraser Institute. Inside the issue you will find a publication on Development Charges that I authored. I suggest that you read all of the articles but if you want to just read mine, you can find it here.

School Choice in Canada

A papers that I contributed at the Fraser Institute was released today: Measuring Choice and Competition in Canadian Education. A summary can be found below. As the benefits or returns to education become more and more apparent, there is increasing interest in ensuring accessible, high quality education. The increasing body of research available on the … Continue reading School Choice in Canada

Fate of Provinces: A Cursory Application of Whitney’s Work

Having finished Meredith Whitney's Fate of States: The New Geography of American Prosperity (which I reviewed in a previous post) it got me to thinking about whether her analysis applies to Canada. The crux of Whitney's argument is that due to the irresponsible spending of the various states and communities during the housing boom, these jurisdictions now … Continue reading Fate of Provinces: A Cursory Application of Whitney’s Work

Comments on Mike Moffat – SW Ontario Blog…

The following are some comments that I posted on Dr. Mike Moffat's Southwest Ontario Website. He has written some really good stuff over there and I encourage the whole two people who read my site to go and take a look. I offer my own partially informed views on the 6 areas Dr. Moffat has … Continue reading Comments on Mike Moffat – SW Ontario Blog…