So I Took My Dog for a Walk

So summer is here and for me that means taking Lucy on lots of walks. Being a 8 lb chihuahua, the cool temperatures of the late fall through early spring  drains her interest in going outside and walking the neighbourhood. But now that summer has arrived several walks per day are the norm, which has … Continue reading So I Took My Dog for a Walk

Re-branding #YQG

This weekend the CBC posted a story about the Mayor's plans to re-brand Windsor with the crux of the discussion being can Windsor follow in the footsteps of Detroit and become "cool and hip". Article spawned a discussion on Facebook between Councilor Holt and Brotolin and the community about how the City can change course and … Continue reading Re-branding #YQG

#Windsor2035 – People Ratios

How Windsor's population changes over the next 20 years is going to dramatically reshape not only the city but Essex County as a whole. The ebb and flow of migration into and out of the region is frankly tough to predict as economic opportunities, social connections, cost of living and overall quality of life all play … Continue reading #Windsor2035 – People Ratios

My Thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 3 – What can we do?

I apologize for the slow posting of this final section. I got hit with the flu... As I mentioned in my first blog, many of the broad reaching catch all phrases of "economic diversification", "entrepreneurship" or "convincing young people to get an education in X field" are really beyond the control of local governments and organizations … Continue reading My Thoughts on #WindsorGone Part 3 – What can we do?