A response to @WindsorCAMPP #YQG #megahospital

Phillippa from CAMPP posted some comment yesterday in response to my post and I tried to post this in the comments of my last post "What's Wrong with these Graphs" but it wouldn't work (to long). So I gave it its own post. I apologize for poor writing as I wanted to get this posted … Continue reading A response to @WindsorCAMPP #YQG #megahospital

What’s Wrong With These Graphs?

I generally haven't used this blog to comment other groups and their points of view but I have seen a number of graphs that just rubbed me the wrong way. Why did it bother me, well I work with data for a living, and when I see data poorly presented (whether deliberately or not) in an effort … Continue reading What’s Wrong With These Graphs?

Questions and Comments about the #Megahospital

Last week saw the announcement of the location of Windsor's new "Mega-Hospital" announced, with it being situated on County Road 42 and Lauzon Parkway. There has been much debate about the announced location on twitter but for me it is the unanswered questions that have peaked my interest. Although I was tempted to post this … Continue reading Questions and Comments about the #Megahospital