Residential Development Charges Lead to a Hidden Tax for City Residents

Today the Spring issue of Canadian Student Review was released by the Fraser Institute. Inside the issue you will find a publication on Development Charges that I authored. I suggest that you read all of the articles but if you want to just read mine, you can find it here.

School Choice in Canada

A papers that I contributed at the Fraser Institute was released today: Measuring Choice and Competition in Canadian Education. A summary can be found below. As the benefits or returns to education become more and more apparent, there is increasing interest in ensuring accessible, high quality education. The increasing body of research available on the … Continue reading School Choice in Canada

Unseen Equalization: Provincial Subsidies in Federal Programs

This morning a research paper that I contributed to was released by the Fraser Institute. You can find the research paper here. The report examines the impact of province subsidies that are embedded in federal government programs and how they are distributed across the country.

My First Published Contribution

Today the Fraser Institute released a study on Corporate Welfare in Canada from the 1960s. I contributed to this article, despite my name being misspelled in the acknowledgements. If you are interested you can find the article for download. Related articles Canadian aerospace firms benefit most from $22B worth of 'corporate welfare' handed out since … Continue reading My First Published Contribution

Canada’s Shame — Updated

Not a lot of time has passed since my original posting of this article and unfortunately I have little to report in terms of progress on this issue. Little has been heard form the Federal government on this issue while the Idol No More protests and hunger strikes of the winter have largely died out. One … Continue reading Canada’s Shame — Updated