Discussion on Development Charges in #Windsor

This week there was a flurry of discussion around development charges (DCs) in Windsor, with the reporting that a proposal is going to Council next week calling for a 51% increase in there existing rates. The response saw an interesting debate erupt on Councilor Chris Holt's Facebook Page between Councilors  Holt and Bortolin and Developer Peter Valante. Mr. Valante's … Continue reading Discussion on Development Charges in #Windsor

My Southwestern Ontario

Over the weekend Dr. Mike Moffatt posted his definition of Southwestern Ontario (SWO) as well as his sub-division of our region. First, I find his subdivision of SWO intriguing and an apt description of the different parts of SWO. My issue is that the use of Economic Regions (ER) lumps communities into SWO that really aren't in our region. … Continue reading My Southwestern Ontario

Examining Development Charges in Windsor ON

Author Note: For some reason I can't get the tables to fit onto the blog page despite several efforts at re-sizing them. I even changed the blog appearance to see if that was the culprit. I decided I like this appearance so I am going to leave it for a bit I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Examining Development Charges in Windsor ON

Residential Development Charges Lead to a Hidden Tax for City Residents

Today the Spring issue of Canadian Student Review was released by the Fraser Institute. Inside the issue you will find a publication on Development Charges that I authored. I suggest that you read all of the articles but if you want to just read mine, you can find it here.