Re-branding #YQG

This weekend the CBC posted a story about the Mayor's plans to re-brand Windsor with the crux of the discussion being can Windsor follow in the footsteps of Detroit and become "cool and hip". Article spawned a discussion on Facebook between Councilor Holt and Brotolin and the community about how the City can change course and … Continue reading Re-branding #YQG

Youth Priorities in Windsor-Essex Part 1

Last summer I had the privilege of attending the Your City Your Idea (YCYI) event hosted by YKNOT Windsor-Essex at the Windsor Star Cafe. The goal of this event was to bring together young people in the Windsor-Essex area and determine what their priorities are for the region. What resulted was 70 millennial's brainstorming what they wanted … Continue reading Youth Priorities in Windsor-Essex Part 1

What if Detroit hosted the UN?

The announcement of Detroit's bankruptcy was a long time coming with much ink being spilled on the city's demographic conflagrations and mismanagement. The collapses of the city's economic base that supported the jobs that kept the people in the area, to the out and out criminal activity of municipal office holders, all have given the City of Detroit … Continue reading What if Detroit hosted the UN?