Ongoing Projects

On this page I am going to keep a running tally of projects and ideas that I am working on, dreaming about or things that I want to post on the blog. There are no timeline on these projects and they are generally larger in scope than a single blog post. For some I hope to publish them academically or personally as a larger report. I am always happy to collaborate so if anyone is interested in contributing I would be happy to discuss these or other projects.

Consulting Research 

  • The reason why I don’t post more often

Windsor Housing Stock Research 

Municipal Wifi

Ongoing Blogging

  • Finishing the series on Windsor#2035 – 1 post left

Shelved Stuff – I still want to do this I just don’t know when

Windsor vs Southern US Manufacturing Cost Comparison

  • Looking at cost competitiveness between Windsor and the Southern US

Examining Rural Economic Development – South Essex County

  • What does research say about economic development opportunities in rural Essex County

Development Charges: a Southern Ontario Comparison

  • A longitudinal comparison of development charges across South/Southwestern Ontario

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