Power of the Pope — Updated

Originally written in the hours following the ascension of Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina to the Papacy as Pope Francis I, I honestly don't have a lot to say on the subject. I don't follow the activities of the Pope that closely, but from what I have seen in international media reports I have been impressed. … Continue reading Power of the Pope — Updated

European Separatism: Three Weddings and Funeral — Updated

My article European Separatism was as with originally posted over on the Riskyshift and it was even translated into Italian. In the article I evaluated the various separatist movements that we underway in Europe (Nov. 2012). Since my writing of this article, there has been some discussion in the media about the issue (here, here and … Continue reading European Separatism: Three Weddings and Funeral — Updated

The End of American Exceptionism — Updated

I wrote this blog on Election night back in November and it generated some of the most robust discussion on theriskyshift that I have had. What we have seen since then is that in the first 5 and a half months since President Obama was inaugurated I feel that my argument has been justified. Very little getting … Continue reading The End of American Exceptionism — Updated

The Financial Crisis & Canada’s Fiscal Cliff — Updated

My original post on Canada's debt situation from December last year, was a somewhat schizophrenic in nature as it touched on both the federal/provincial debt situations AND the personal debt situation in Canada. It wasn't my best writing or posting over on the riskyshift but it did a pretty good job describing the challenges Canada … Continue reading The Financial Crisis & Canada’s Fiscal Cliff — Updated

Canada’s Shame — Updated

Not a lot of time has passed since my original posting of this article and unfortunately I have little to report in terms of progress on this issue. Little has been heard form the Federal government on this issue while the Idol No More protests and hunger strikes of the winter have largely died out. One … Continue reading Canada’s Shame — Updated

Canada and the Arctic Council — Updated sort of…

So today was the day that Canada over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council. Unfortunately, not a lot has changed since I wrote my original blog post on the Arctic Council a few months ago. Disputes still haven't been settled, the arctic still remains a frozen treasure trove of untapped resources and the environment and … Continue reading Canada and the Arctic Council — Updated sort of…

Expanding the Canadian Dollar: Unique Opportunity or Loonie Idea? – Update

Continuing my revisiting of my past writing, the following was a piece that I wrote in June of last year. Unfortunately there really isn't much to update other then a missed opportunity. In last March the Canadian Ambassador to Iceland made a comment to a local broadcaster about the Canadian Government being willing to discussion … Continue reading Expanding the Canadian Dollar: Unique Opportunity or Loonie Idea? – Update

Could the Syrian Civil War Redraw the Map of the Middle East? – Updated

Political Geography has always been a topic that interested me and I wrote this article back in July 2012 and posted it on a former colleague of mine website called Informing Opinions.  That of course was 10 months ago and the civil war in Syria has dragged on and the toll of death and destruction has continued to … Continue reading Could the Syrian Civil War Redraw the Map of the Middle East? – Updated

Russia’s Green Light

Written in the hours after the Boston bombing my short blog post Russia's Green Light was finished before any thorough or thoughtful examinations of motives or background of the bombing and its suspects had occurred, Since then, the connections between the Tsarnaev brothers, Chechen violence, Russian politics and radical Islam have become some of the primary avenues … Continue reading Russia’s Green Light

Argentina’s Bondage – (UPDATED)

The following is blog post I made over at theriskyshift.com. Although recently published, it was written at the end of March/start of April. Since the writing of this piece the US Appeals Court ruled that the Bond holders must respond to Argentina's offer of restructuring by the 22 of April. On the 20th of April the bondholders … Continue reading Argentina’s Bondage – (UPDATED)